Nishal P9 Pro

Nishal P9 Pro

Key Features

ZERO Down Payment.

24 Months 0% EMI.

EMI Start with as low as INR. 9892.

  • Dual Processor with IR Remote:

For touchless operation and easy as well as cost effective maintenance.

  • Next Generation M.L.S.P. Technology:

Due to M.L.S.P. Technology System can smoothly run even without R.O.

  • Smart 20x4 LCD display & External S.M.P.S.:

Large multi informative LCD display for clear visibility and better control.

SMPS increases the efficiency & reduce down time of the machine.

  • 5 Types of Alkaline water + Plain water:

8 to 8.5 pH, 8.5 to 9.5 pH, 9.5 to 10.5 pH, 10.5++ pH & 11.5 pH by remote.

Plain Filtered water by special remote function.

  • 5 Types of Acidic water for other usage:

2.5 pH, 3.5-- pH, 3.5 to 4.5 pH, 4.5 to 5.5 pH, 5.5 to 6 pH.

  • Multi-stage purification:

Sediment filter > Carbon filter > UF filter > Electrolysis Chamber.

  • Built-in pressure pump:

Facilitating consistent purification for all water pressure conditions.

  • Sleek and compact design:

Designed to occupy minimum space and offer maximum functionalities.

  • Price(shipping Included): 203999
  • Price(Ex-Factory): 203999

Application:  Alkaline Water for Drinking usage.

Drinking water Standard: Comply with Medical grade.

Nos. of Plate:  9.

Plate Material:  Platinized Titanium.

Working Filtration Life:  19600 Filtration hours at 8.5 pH.

Technology:  Dual processor Advance Automation & IR.

Type of Power Supply:  SMPS.

LCD Display:  Multi Informative 20 x 4.

Installation Type:  Wall mount & Table top.

All Mode Selection:  By Remote.

Booster Pump:  In-built.

External filters:  Provided, Sediment filter with Bowl & Activated Carbon filter.

Standard In-put TDS:  300 to 350.

Specific TDS:  100% Customized if mentioned at the time of order.

Size in mm:  L 275 x W 185 x H 365 Approx.

Bulk Supply:  Available.

Cabinet & Color:  Laser cut M.S. Cabinet with White Color Powder coating.

Warranty: Carry-in 3 Years against any manufacturing defect.

Packaging Info:

H-RicH Alkaline Machine = 1 Unit.

Remote = 1 Unit.

Power Supply with Cable = 1 Unit.

External Sediment filter = 1 Unit.

Transparent Bowl for Sediment Filter = 1 Unit.

External Activated Carbon filter = 1 Unit.

In-Let valve = 1 Unit.

Pipe & Fitting set = 1.


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Delivery Time: Ready Stock or 15 Days.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1.

About Technology:


Alkaline Water and Ionized Alkaline Water have been in trend for years now. To explain the difference between the two, first, get the information about the important terms related to it:

Alkalinity measures water’s ability to neutralize acids. Alkaline water, while having only a moderately alkaline pH, may have high alkalinity because alkalinity and pH are not the same. If your health problems stem from acidity, you want water with high alkalinity to neutralize as much acidity as possible. On the other hand, Alkaline ionized water has low alkalinity and high pH value.

The water’s Potential Hydrogen (pH) refers to its potential to attract positively charged Hydrogen (H+) ions.

Ionization occurs when an atom or molecule either absorbs or loses electrons and the atom becomes an ion or a charged particle. It may be either positive or negative in its electrical charge. It depends upon whether electrons have been gained or lost by the atom. Minerals in ionized alkaline water – mostly calcium, magnesium, and potassium – gain electrons from the process of ionization. This process is what makes the water antioxidant.

How Ionized Alkaline Water benefits is a game changer!

Ionized water has a higher potential for antioxidants as compared to regular alkaline water. Any water with a pH greater than 7 has is alkaline, but that water has lesser health benefits as compared to ionized water

Alkaline Ionized Water isn’t the same as Alkaline Water. The former has additional benefits like age-fighting, antioxidants potential, improves brain functioning, accelerates healing ability, is super hydrating, and highly detoxifying. The ionization process conducted by the Alkaline Water Ionizer breaks the electrical bonding of water molecules; reducing the size of the molecules to 5-6 molecules per cluster. The micro-clustered water is absorbed easily into the cells, providing enhanced and faster hydration than conventional water.

Alkaline Water Ionizer removes harmful elements and impurities from water and then electrolysis the water to separate its acidic and alkaline components. Which means increased pH value or higher alkaline components in the water.

Ionized Alkaline Water helps in balancing/neutralizing the acidic elements in your body as well as flushing out the acidic waste. Thus, improving and smoothening overall gastrointestinal functions, increase bone strength, manage sugar level, reduce body weight, and prevent hair loss.


Bring the revolutionary change in your lifestyle.


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  2. No need of R.O.
  3. 90% less maintenance as compared to imported products.
  4. Only machine in its segment with Dual Processor.
  5. All functions by touch less Full function Remote.
  6. Only machine which offers, 5 Types of Drinking water with different pH.
  7. Only machine which offers, 100% customization.