Green Hydrogen kit 1500cc & 2400-Kms Range

Green Hydrogen kit 1500cc & 2400-Kms Range

Key Features

Product Technology: Green Hydrogen Direct Combustion Hybrid System.

Installation Technology: Wireless Synchronization with Engine.

Engine Modification: No need to modify any part of the Engine.

Harness Modification: No need to change any wiring Harness.

Pick-up: Increase by 30% to 50%.

Vibration: Reduce 50% + Vibration.

Maintenance Cost: Reduce 50% to 70% Maintenance Cost.

Suitable Vehicles: All New & Old Cars.

Supported Fuels: Petrol, Diesel, C.N.G., L.P.G., Ethanoal & E85 (Flex Fuel)

Engine Capacity: Suitable for vehicles up-to 1500 cc Engines.

Standard Range: 1000 to 1450 Kms.  Re-gen Range: 2400 Kms.

Mode: Hydrogen + Fuel (Dual Fuel Auto Management.)

Top Speed: As per your Original Engine.

Mileage: Increase Approx. 60%*.

Application: Suitable for Extreme running like 1500+ Kms / Day.

Hydrogen Filling: Comes with On Board Green Hydrogen System.

Charger Type: Grid Charger Provided. Solar against specific requirement.

Charging Time: 10 Hours by Grid & 12 Hour on Solar.

Unit Consumption per Charge: 2.88Kw Approx. INR. 22 Only.

  • Price(shipping Included): 0
  • Price(Ex-Factory): 368999

Model: Green H2 1k5-2K4 Kms.

Processor: 32-bit with On-board wireless Receiver.

BCM: Wireless Transmitter.

ECM: Plug & play On-board.

Certification: CE, ISO.

Water Top-up: Distilled Water with Electrolyte as & when required.

Type of Service: DIY. (At 20000 Kms.)

Size: L 25" x W 8.9" x H 8.9" Approx.

Weight: 70 Kgs. Approx.

Available Colours: S. Gray. (Other Colour available against specific Bulk Requirement)

Application: Suitable for Extreme running like 1500+ Kms / Day.

Class of protection: Cell & ECM IP-68. BCM, Wireless Synchronizer other IP-10.

OEM Warranty: Does not affect Car Manufacturer Warranty*

Product Warranty: 12 Months carry-in warranty for Gas production & Out-put flow only.

Contain: Green H2 1K5-150Kms kit with x 1, ECM x 1, BCM x 1, Wireless Synchronizer unit with controller set x 1, Gas Pipe x 1, Wiring Harness x 1, Fuse Socket with 10A Fuse x 2, FBA Unit x 2, Installation & Servicing details x 1.

OEM & Bulk Quantity: Available against bulk orders only.

*Condition Apply.

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