About US


Our Mission:

Unlike others, our mission is to continuously deliver electronic products and solutions that can solve all the real time problems faced by our societies, as a whole. We continuously strive to improvise our workability and services to become a standalone electronic manufacturer with practical solutions for real constrains.

Our Vision:

We aspire to become a one-stop destination for all electronic appliance requirements for industrial, corporate and household needs.

Our Philosophy:

At NISHAL TECHNOLOGIES, we believe in keeping customers first. This doesn’t just mean investing our resources in researching about customer needs, feedbacks and complaints; but also justifying customer’s expenditure. Hence, our products are functional, manageable and affordable – all at once.

While taking care of customers, we do not forget the foundation of any organization - employees. We encourage growth of each employee and believe in equal involvement of all levels of employees to avoid bureaucracy. Our founders have tailored this balanced business model which has ultimately guided us to the path to wholesome success from all dimensions.